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Snow & Ice Removal for Long Island

SLS Industries - Our Dedicated Snow Removal Company

Allow SLS to manage your commercial properties’ snow and ice control this season, and lessen the chance of inclement weather negatively impacting your business. Employing friendly, experienced staff, our vast fleet of trucks and equipment allows SLS to offer dependable snow service before it becomes a problem for your tenants or clientele.

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SLS Industries brings a wealth of expertise to snow removal and control. We ensure prompt and thorough snow removal services, ensuring safe access for employees and clients during inclement weather.

SLS Industries Snow and Ice Removal

Our dedicated snow removal teams are able to provide the following services: 

  • Locations:
    Parking Lots, Commercial Spaces, Residential Homes, Apartment Complexes, & more 
  • SLS Industries helps you keep your doors open, no matter what mother nature has planned. 
    • Quality Control
    • Dependable Service
    • 24/7 Snow and Ice Removal
    • Seasonal Pricing
    • Event Pricing
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Your Trusted Snow Removal Partner

At SLS Industries, our commitment to excellence in snow removal is reinforced by the satisfaction of our clients. We proudly offer professional references attesting to our proven expertise and reliability in efficiently managing snow and ice removal, ensuring the safety and accessibility of commercial properties.

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