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Performing National Cemetery Maintenance Throughout the United States​

We have completed projects for national cemeteries in states across the country, including: New York, Florida, Tennessee, New Mexico, Alabama, and more.

We proudly offer professional references attesting to our proven expertise and reliability. 

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Headstone Realignment

precise measurement

The process of headstone realignment begins with a survey point at the keystone. The stones are a precise distance from each other in a row, and each row is a precise distance from the next row, giving the characteristic appearance of a National Cemetery.

concrete anchoring

New requirements in headstone anchoring demand a company that has the experience to do the job right. Sipala’s experienced staff uses a technique employing Grade Beams constructed of reinforced concrete to ensure a permanent, stable placement.

Each and every marker will remain straight and in perfect alignment.

National Cemetery Services

Sipala Landscape Services, a Veteran-owned company, is your trusted team of professionals renowned for thoroughness and adherence to industry standards, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery of projects for National Cemeteries throughout the United States

Our specially trained crews are versed in a wide range of cemetery specific services, including: 

  • Government Contracts and All Requirements
  • Turf Renovation & Lawn Maintenance
  • The Newest, VA-Preferred Technologies in Grade Beam Construction
  • Turf Renovation & Lawn Maintenance
Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Known for Our Knowledge and Dependability

Our reputation at some of the most prestigious National Cemeteries speaks volumes. Sipala is known for care and consideration, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The ability to properly execute this job can be an exercise in precision and an eye for detail and care. Our experience and training allow Sipala to undertake these projects and bring them to successful completion. 

With respect every stone is removed in a caring manner, set safely aside while the Grade Beam is set in place and the grade is restored. The headstone is then returned, thoroughly cleaned and ready to stand straight and tall for generations to come.


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