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Long Island's Leading Hydroseeding Experts

Our hydroseeding division has positioned Sipala Landscape as the leading provider in the New York – Long Island hydroseeding industry. The combined expertise of our workforce ensures cost-effective lawns that grow rapidly and thrive for years to come. 

Solar Field Hydroseeding Sipala Long Island
Hydroseeding Long Island

Hydroseeding is the preferred choice for homeowners and commercial locations alike.
Our team has decades of experience hydroseeding specialty locations, such as solar fields and construction projects. 

Sipala's Hydroseeding Services

Our experienced crews are well trained in the following hydroseeding services: 

  • Locations:
    New Construction, Commercial Spaces, Residential Lawns
  • Applications:
    Highway and Roadside Revegetation,
    Golf Courses, Sports Field, Land Reclamation, Parks and Recreational Areas, Industrial Sites, Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Services:
    • Removal of current lawn
    • Preparation of surface for Hydroseed
    • Hydroseed application
    • Erosion control measures
    • Post application care
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The Benefits of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding offers swift and uniform germination, fostering the rapid growth of lush vegetation compared to traditional seeding methods. Its versatility extends to diverse applications, from residential lawns to erosion-prone areas, providing customized solutions with consistent, even coverage for visually appealing and well-established landscapes.

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